Sewn/ Donovan Skirt

I am going to start by saying that I loved - loved - loved sewing this skirt! I know that may feel like a strong way to start a post but I really did. It's the Donovan skirt by Helen's Closet and is a brand new release (still on sale too btw so go and get it!) in conjunction with the Ashton top. The duo look like a really great match and I am looking forward to sewing that one too. If you want to hear more about my thoughts on the pattern keep on reading!

One of the reasons I love Helen's Closet patterns is her straight forward approach, all of the pointers for beginners and that they are just so easy to follow along with! She really takes the time to walk you through the steps with great pictures, explanations and definitions and I will say that this pattern was no different. The pocket shape and construction are fabulous, the side slits and tie are fun and if you are looking to do a little button-holing you can even do that here too!

I made the skirt up in two evenings, one cutting and finishing my edges and the other doing the actual sewing. Fabric is a new linen/rayon blend from the shop and it really was wonderful to sew and work with. Slightly slubby and so soft. Swoon! I can certainly see more of these skirts in my future and if a hack comes out to make it into pants I wouldn't be upset about that either!

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